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Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 1:23pm

We've just done our 1,000th frame this month - lots of happy customers!

It never ceases to surprise me how much love there is in this world.

We all have problems, normal every day pressures and stresses.

Living in this busy world of ours many of us are like spinning tops, our heads racing around sorting problems, but reading the messages which we are asked to engrave on our personalised photo frames and seeing the happy photos you would never think that anybody would be unhappy or have any worries.

In fact it’s the opposite, as you think everybody is happy and either in love or is celebrating and event.

Someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, a birth an engagement, the list is endless.
So we see the orders for a birthday photo frame, or personalised wedding frame, engraved silver wedding anniversary frame, etc.

Because most of the messages on the orders we receive for our photo frames are positive and full of love (some are for bereavement) it also has and actually creates a positive effect on us as well when we are reading and engraving them.

Constant positive thoughts, creates happy and positive thoughts, just like constant negative thoughts creates constant negativity and produces negative thoughts.

So here at Memento Frames we are all positive and happy as we see and engrave so many positive happy and loving messages.

It’s strange as not only will our personalised photo frames will make our customers very happy but engraving all these frames puts all of us in a happy mood every day.

So make someone happy, and give someone a present of a Memento Frame with your loving personalised thoughts.

This blog post was written by RF

Friday March 27, 2015 at 1:48pm

There is a multitude of reasons why we would want a personalised engraved photo frame on the table or on the wall or at home or to be given as a gift.

We at Memento Frames receive orders every day for so many different reasons, from Valentine’s Day or a couple who are celebrating their 1st year of going out together for 12 months, or a personalised frame of a group of people at University who are now separating as they are going home back to their own counties.

We also receive orders from people who have had a bereavement and they want a photo frame of their loved ones with their special message but we also get some unusual requests.
We have good customer service and we receive a lot of feedback from our customers. We have received orders for our Memento Frames to be personalised and engraved for a concept memory frame.

So what is a concept memory frame?
I suppose it can mean different things to different people but from what I understand, customers say that they have maybe hundreds of pictures in their head of things they have done with a loved one and they want to physically collate some of them together in an engraved frame as moments to remember.

We would be contacted by customers as they want to order one of our engraved frames with a photo inside the frame, and engraved at the bottom of the frame with lots of bullet points of memories; and sometimes we are asked to colour the whole frame black or jade and engrave moments that happened in their life with their partner that they don’t want to forget on the total area of the glass.

Below are a few examples of some of the occasions our customers have sought to capture in one of our beautiful frames:

These are just bullet points of memories. Some people might want to fill their house up with hundreds of personalised photo frames, and engraved photo frames which will keep on triggering back memories.

Walking on the beach in Devon May 1998.
Party night dressed up as Superman on the world cruise 2010.
Shopping in Wales and buying new gloves.
Spending a weekend at a Chester Hotel on a murder mystery night 2013.
A 21st Birthday for a friend and having photo taken wearing funny hats!

And the list goes on.
It is a concept that is hugely comforting for many people and if these memory moments frames are able to bring solace, peace or enjoyment then why not?

This blog post was written by RF

Wednesday February 4, 2015 at 6:39am
Every day is an anniversary day for someone, be it their 1st anniversary since they have met, or because it’s their 10th wedding anniversary. Hardly a day goes by without us at Memento Frames receiving lots of new orders for an anniversary photo frame written with a loving message and a photo that we put inside our frames. Because we engrave these messages we obviously get to read all of them. They are very heartfelt, loving and send out a strong and powerful message not just to the recipient but to all of the people in the family who will constantly see this engraved personalised photo frame. We partner with several organisations who use our websites and our products, like Wigan Warriors rugby club, universities like, Oxford University , Brunel, Kings College,, Cranfield University, Liverpool John Moore’s University and many more. I am sure it would surprise many people that many of these personalised frames are not just a given an engraved photo frame as a present for an achievement or in recognition for something done, or a birthday, but for many it’s an anniversary presents. It could be for any anniversary, meaning 1st wedding anniversary or 10th wedding anniversary or for the silver or golden wedding anniversary. It could be for an anniversary of being engaged for the 2nd year, of being in the same job with the same team of people, or for a 100 other reasons that we receive throughout the year. Whatever the reason, it puts a smile on someone face and make them happy. If you haven’t had the Memento Frames experience, then try it out and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Make someone happy and put a smile on their face and give someone a Memento Frame. This blog post was written by RF
Monday January 5, 2015 at 8:18pm

I have lots of photo albums at home; must be about 25-30 plus. Photos taken over a few decades! They are put away and they always come out once a year in our family and that’s on Boxing Day. We would all gather round and we would be reminiscing over each photograph; laugh over some, and feel sad over others.

It’s become a yearly ritual and we look forward to it, but once it’s all over, all the photo albums are put away again till next year.

However this year, I decided to take out some of the photos from the albums; certain photos, which have a unique meaning to me and to some of us in the family that I didn’t want to see just once a year.

I want to pass by them every day. Not necessarily and purposefully look at them every day, but just be aware of them every day as I pass them by.

These few photographs somehow touch our lives much more that the rest because of the exceptional circumstances of when they were taken. We want them with us all the time and not locked away for a year. And so I have decided that I will put each one of these specially selected photos in one of our personalised photo frames, our Memento Frames and engrave a message into the frames; a personal message, that has a special meaning to me, and to our family. It’s the personalised message that will give the photo so much more meaning, engraved into the frame. It will bring it back to life.

I am convinced that no matter how fantastic a photograph can be, memorable, emotional or however it may talk to you, it’s that added text joined with the photograph that makes it complete. It makes the photograph complete, it takes it to another level of remembrance; it actually becomes a different experience when you look at the photo in a personalised frame. I can’t explain it properly or as I would like, but I know I am right by the many phone calls we get from our customers at Memento Frames. Their uplifted voice and the sheer joy that we can hear when our customers call us on the phone and tell us how pleased they are, and how unbelievable their engraved frame looks, and how it’s so, so much more than they expected. Words like, it’s just unbelievable, it’s so much more than I expected, it’s absolutely fantastic, and I just had to call you and thank you, tells me and all of us that it’s the Memento Frame experience that people are experiencing.

My photo albums are important to me, and although we now live in the Smartphone and the Tablet age where we can store hundreds of photos there is still an important place for that special photograph in a personalised photo frame.

If you haven’t had the Memento Frames experience, then try it out and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Make someone happy and put a smile on their face and give someone a Memento Frame.

Friday December 19, 2014 at 4:09pm

There is nothing like a personal service and although we as shoppers are going more towards online shopping, I personally still like to talk to someone on the telephone before I make a purchase. I suppose it’s just reassurance that I am looking for before I press that final button that sends my money to the relevant company.

We at Memento Frames like to talk to our customers and receive phone calls even though you can order very easily your personalised photo frame online. You can see the text appearing on the photo frame as you are typing your personalised message as the website works in real time. The text that appears on the photo frame as you are typing your message is what we will engrave on the glass photo frame.

I can never understand why so many websites that sell products online don’t have telephone numbers, or if they do have contact information, the numbers are buried deep somewhere in the website, so finding it is a real challenge. It’s like going through an intricate maze before you locate the telephone number.

Because Christmas is nearly around the corner people are anxious about the delivery time which is perfectly understandable. Because we don’t use lasers to engrave our photo frames the processes is much more intricate and labour intensive and there are more than 15 different process involved in making one of our Memento Frames.

However, the results speak for themselves as all our customers are bowled over when they receive their Memento Frame and we receive many emails from our happy customers. The one bellow arrived a few days ago.

Hi Robert. I collected my frame from my father's earlier today. And just wanted to let you know I am over the moon with the finished product. And will be definitely be recommending your web site to my friends and family. Thank you once again for all your help. Wishing you a very happy Christmas, and all the best for the New Year kind regards Chris Smithson.

This email received above is not made up but it’s one of many emails we receive from our customers.

Our business is engraving personalised glass photo frames and we are very good at what we do.

So try us out if you haven’t had one and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Make someone happy and put a smile on their face and give someone a Memento Frame.

This blog post was written by RF
Friday December 5, 2014 at 9:03am

Love is in the air; or so it seems as more and more orders for personalised engraved photo frames are arriving on our website every day.

It’s not just because Christmas is approaching, although I am sure that is a factor, but I would say at least eight out of ten messages are loving with xxx at the end of the message.

Saying I love you can be said in many ways, like giving flowers, presents, and of course a card with that present, on a birthday, anniversary or for hundreds of other occasions written with your very personal message. However I think when you give a personalised photo frame with your unique and emotionally charged photograph engraved with your special message onto the photo frame, there is one very big difference between those gifts and a Memento Frame, and its called permanence.

The card will go into the draw or the box where you save these mementos.

The flowers will eventually wilt and be thrown away. The presents be it jewellery, books, toys, or whatever will be used and eventually be put away or sometimes used only on special occasions.

Electronic gifts, be-it a mobile phone or a tablet computer will make everybody a happy bunny, and no doubt be used all the time, but will still lack the long term emotional glue and passionate or affectionate bonding that a personalised photo frame will give you because you will see it every day, and that’s permanence.

It is a permanent reminder of that person or you with that person and of that occasion, or that loving moment because that message engraved onto a Memento photo frame has particular meaning only to you and the person you have given that engraved photo frame, and it will always be there on the mantelpiece, or the window ledge or at a particular place. It won’t be put away in the draw or left hidden away in the cupboard.

You may not look at it every day although you will see it every day but for sure it will put a smile on your face and bring back happy memories.

So make someone happy and put a smile on their face and give someone a Memento Frame!

This blog post was written by RF
Thursday November 20, 2014 at 6:58am

Between September and December we at Memento Frames are busy engraving our personalised photo frames with family messages especially to grandparents. This last quarter of the year is a special time for presents to grandparents because all children who go to school have their photos taken every year at their local school by their school photographer.

Parents always struggle to find a suitable present to give as a fitting gift to their grandparents at Christmas and or as a birthday present.

An up to date photo of the children taken very recently at their school combined and engraved with a highly personalised loving message is surely the perfect gift for any grandparent.

I am a grandparent as I have 3 grandchildren; the latest gadget, mobile phone; tablet computer or any new technology gadget is no interest to me. I am sure that I am not the only sentimental doting grandparent who just loves to have pictures all over the house of our loved ones. What make a birthday Card special-surely it’s the thoughts and the message written in the card.

Therefore it’s the same with a personalised engraved photo frame.

Of course the photo is important but it’s that personalised message engraved into the photo frame that make the whole experience so moving and gives meaning to that photo.

Here is one example of an order we received this weekend. It has the photo of a little boy sitting legs crossed with his school jumper and the school logo engraved on the jumper

Happy 70th Birthday Nanny Sue
Lots of Love & Hugs from Nathan xxx
18th November 2014

What I have learnt is that there is no comparison between any photographs no matter how good or sentimental it is, and one that is in our personalised engraved photo frames engraved with a loving message that will put a smile on someone’s face or bring a tear to your eyes.

So make someone happy and send them a Memento Frame this Christmas.

This blog post was written by RF
Thursday November 6, 2014 at 5:37pm

It is always nice to hear from happy and contented customers - and we sometimes get phone calls from them too - not just email. Earlier this week was an example of someone who wanted to get just the right present for their grandfather.

Very shortly is Remembrance day, and Samantha was looking for a gift to give her grandfather who fought in the second world war - and lost several of his friends in battles. She wanted something that reflected the solem event and after finding out site personalised a frame for her grandfather. She uploaded the photo of him with some of his comrades in Burma in 1944 and added into the personalised message area the names of each of the people in the photo.

It doesn't come across as well on screen, but all our personalised frames are made from solid glass - so they are in no way flimsy. She chose the black frame with her personalised message engraved in silver writing. We printed the photo, put it in the frame and posted it to her in a personalised gift box.

The next day, our courier company delivered it to her door and she gave the frame it to her grandfather. He loved the gift and it now sits on his mantle piece for him to see every day. Her phone call was to verbalise her appreciation and to say that she'll be recommending us to friends for weddings, funerals, etc - the personalised frames suit multiple occasions.

We owe a huge amount to the soldiers who fought in both World Wars - to both those who returned and those who didn't - so on 11th November at 11:00am, please join us in the customary 2 minute's silence as a sign of respect for the 20 million people who died in the war - with the second minute to dedicated to the living left behind.

Friday October 31, 2014 at 6:05pm

Happy birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and stew
Bread and butter in the gutter
Happy birthday to you.

That’s the email I sent to Mr. K the day after his birthday, which I have now engraved onto one of our personalised photo frames.

Mr. K, is what I call a minimalist as a communicator, always replying by just one or two words when sending a text message, and sometimes replying with just two letters, and to add to that frustration he doesn’t always reply to messages you send him which is another factor to get ones stress temperature to rise, and I say this with a smile. Over time I have come to realise that it’s nothing personal it’s just the way he communicates.

I am sure that I am not the only person experiencing this and that there are thousands of other people like Mr. K out there, and people like me who think that (I should be a code-breaker or have some gadget with me so I can decipher what he is saying.)

Maybe I should send him one of our personalised frames and just engrave it with the words “guess what I am thinking” ha ha.

I am involved in the business of personalised engraved photo frames; we at Memento Frames engrave glass photo frames. On several occasions the messages we engrave on our frames are very personal so only the recipient of this beautiful present will fully understand the meaning of the message engraved. Now abbreviated text messages are the norm and people abbreviate and reduce words to the minimum, so you have to try to figure out what they are saying, but then there are others that reduce text messaging even further.

As an ardent fan of the older Hollywood films, Mr. K reminds me of another minimalist communicator the great Garry Cooper the late film star of the 1930s 40s 50s era.

Yeep, Nope --that was one of Cooper’s trademarks, not noted for saying long dialogues.

Mr. K and I normally go for a coffee and a bite to eat every week. We have a chat about work, catch up on things and just have a break from the office. I sent him a text last week asking if he wants to meet up the sometime this week. He answered by replying,

Tomorrow. U forgot today!!!

Well I had no idea what he was talking about and my head was already taxed with many challenges that I had to sort out that day, so I just asked him-what happened today? His reply was;


Well that told me nothing.

Is it your birthday today I asked? – I received No reply

Suspecting that this could be one option I checked out information I stored on my mobile against his details and yes that was it. It was his birthday that day and I forgot.

I am sure millions of us have been there when we realise that we forgot someone’s birthday that is important to us. It could be a family member; or a good or a close friend. It’s not a question of grovelling and saying “I am sorry”, but just feeling guilty as you know that you really didn’t want to forget so you are feeling bad. Plus there is always the added problem of what king of birthday gift do you give? Choosing an appropriate birthday present can be such a problem.

Well thank God that I have been in involved glass engraving for many years, because without that knowledge and experience I would never have thought of coming up with the idea of designing a personalised photo frame that has dedicated space to engrave messages in any language and that the website works in real time and upload photos so you can see what it looks like in the photo frame.

Mr. K is an ardent Manchester United fan. Many years ago I engraved a large circular crystal goblet with the words Manchester United engraved all the way around the glass plus something else was engraved ---something memorable that happened a few years ago at MU. I have kept that engraved crystal glass goblet for many years as I was sure that one day it will make a great present for someone and it would put a smile on someone’s face.

Well it certainly did make someone very happy as the following day it was the perfect birthday gift and a present well liked by Mr. K’s on his 65th birthday.

Check out the engraved frames we can make for football clubs.

This blog post was written by RF

Saturday October 25, 2014 at 9:32am

Autumn is always a special time of the year when the nights are drawing nearer and a nip is returning to the air. It’s a time to look back over the fruits of summer and reflect on our personal accomplishments, reaping what we have sown in our own special harvest.

Many graduations are taking place at this time, highlighting the success of our young people at universities and colleges all over the country such as, Liverpool John Mores University, University of Westminster, Birkbeck University of London and University of Northampton just to mention some of them.

What better way to encapsulate such a momentous achievement than in a beautiful hand crafted graduation frame by Memento Frames.

Memento Frames receives many letters from parents after seeing their children in their graduation frames and I especially remember three people who wrote to them recently.

One was a lady after she saw the photo of her son in one of our Brunel Graduation Frames, the other person was the father who wrote of his daughter who graduated in September. The ceremonies were held this year at Symphony Hall Birmingham on Friday 20 September and at University of Surrey. Typical messages were:

  1. Benjamin ....
    Congratulations on Your Graduation
    18th July 2014
  2. Olivia Ann ....
    BA (HONS) Graphic Communications
    18th July 2014
  3. Precy ....
    Graduated BA Hospitality Truism Business Administration
    20th September 2013
  4. Roy ....
    BSc Anthropology & Sociology
    Congratulations On Your Graduation Brov
    Lots Of Love Princess …..
    23rd July 2013

Speaking of momentous achievements, my friend, Sandeep, rang me the other day to tell me about her little boy, Amar's success at mainstream primary school. Amar was born with a rare condition called Prada Willie Syndrome, which can impede a child’s development in walking, talking, fine motor skills and learning to varying degrees.

Through Sandeep's tireless devotion to Amar, in taking him to extra classes in music, swimming, reading etc, from an early age, Amar has made incredible progress far beyond the doctors' initial expectations and is now enjoying a happy, stable education, with lots of friends. Sandeep was understandably so proud of her son's and her own achievements that she ordered a personalised frame by Memento Frames on his first day at school showing her beaming, confident child in his primary school uniform.

Sandeeps' family are Sikhs and will be looking forward in the next few months to celebrating Diwali. Memento Frames are able to supply personalised, hand crafted, engraved, quality photo frames in all languages including Punjabi.

Sandeep said to me, “I always struggle with presents for birthdays and other kinds of celebratory times. The personalised engraved photo frames by Memento Frames that you have shown me, Ruth, solve at least one problem in searching for the perfect gift for presents to grandparents. To my mind, a gift which is a personalised gift, has a lot more meaning and more emotional depth than just an off the shelf present".

As the sun lowers in the autumn sky we take stock, of what’s important in our lives and share special moments, such as Diwali, with our loved ones. Many children are already looking forward to trick or treating. Lots of photos will be taken of them in their spooky costumes which will look amazing in a special hand engraved personalised Memento Frame, be it apple bobbing, wrapping the mummy, or Piata at their Halloween parties.

Personalised photo frames are perfect for capturing your family at a Bonfire Night party. My daughter Anna, is my own little fire cracker, born the night after Bonfire Night. Last year, I gave her great grandmother a wonderful personalised photo frame of Bonfire Night with Anna’s little cheeks puffed out blowing a hot potato. Nanny loves it.

This year, I will be giving Nanny another personalised photo frame for Anna’s birthday as she becomes 7. At this age, she is so grown up that we aren't having a party but are going to the cinema with her two friends.

Shortly after, on the 6th December the whole family will be enjoying a coach trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in London. I will definitely be taking a picture of Anna with Santa in his ice palace. Such a photo will make a fantastic gift for a Christmas present on a personalised photo frame to both her grandparents and I will have two Christmas presents sorted. Or we could have a picture of us all ice skating and hopefully not falling over!

That would make another great memorable photo and with the dates and the occasion engraved in a glass Memento Frame such a gift would be on the mantelpiece for years to come.

Written by RP

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