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Saturday October 25, 2014 at 9:32am

Autumn is always a special time of the year when the nights are drawing nearer and a nip is returning to the air. It’s a time to look back over the fruits of summer and reflect on our personal accomplishments, reaping what we have sown in our own special harvest.

Many graduations are taking place at this time, highlighting the success of our young people at universities and colleges all over the country such as, Liverpool John Mores University, University of Westminster, Birkbeck University of London and University of Northampton just to mention some of them.

What better way to encapsulate such a momentous achievement than in a beautiful hand crafted graduation frame by Memento Frames.

Memento Frames receives many letters from parents after seeing their children in their graduation frames and I especially remember three people who wrote to them recently.

One was a lady after she saw the photo of her son in one of our Brunel Graduation Frames, the other person was the father who wrote of his daughter who graduated in September. The ceremonies were held this year at Symphony Hall Birmingham on Friday 20 September and at University of Surrey. Typical messages were:

  1. Benjamin ....
    Congratulations on Your Graduation
    18th July 2014
  2. Olivia Ann ....
    BA (HONS) Graphic Communications
    18th July 2014
  3. Precy ....
    Graduated BA Hospitality Truism Business Administration
    20th September 2013
  4. Roy ....
    BSc Anthropology & Sociology
    Congratulations On Your Graduation Brov
    Lots Of Love Princess …..
    23rd July 2013

Speaking of momentous achievements, my friend, Sandeep, rang me the other day to tell me about her little boy, Amar's success at mainstream primary school. Amar was born with a rare condition called Prada Willie Syndrome, which can impede a child’s development in walking, talking, fine motor skills and learning to varying degrees.

Through Sandeep's tireless devotion to Amar, in taking him to extra classes in music, swimming, reading etc, from an early age, Amar has made incredible progress far beyond the doctors' initial expectations and is now enjoying a happy, stable education, with lots of friends. Sandeep was understandably so proud of her son's and her own achievements that she ordered a personalised frame by Memento Frames on his first day at school showing her beaming, confident child in his primary school uniform.

Sandeeps' family are Sikhs and will be looking forward in the next few months to celebrating Diwali. Memento Frames are able to supply personalised, hand crafted, engraved, quality photo frames in all languages including Punjabi.

Sandeep said to me, “I always struggle with presents for birthdays and other kinds of celebratory times. The personalised engraved photo frames by Memento Frames that you have shown me, Ruth, solve at least one problem in searching for the perfect gift for presents to grandparents. To my mind, a gift which is a personalised gift, has a lot more meaning and more emotional depth than just an off the shelf present".

As the sun lowers in the autumn sky we take stock, of what’s important in our lives and share special moments, such as Diwali, with our loved ones. Many children are already looking forward to trick or treating. Lots of photos will be taken of them in their spooky costumes which will look amazing in a special hand engraved personalised Memento Frame, be it apple bobbing, wrapping the mummy, or Piata at their Halloween parties.

Personalised photo frames are perfect for capturing your family at a Bonfire Night party. My daughter Anna, is my own little fire cracker, born the night after Bonfire Night. Last year, I gave her great grandmother a wonderful personalised photo frame of Bonfire Night with Anna’s little cheeks puffed out blowing a hot potato. Nanny loves it.

This year, I will be giving Nanny another personalised photo frame for Anna’s birthday as she becomes 7. At this age, she is so grown up that we aren't having a party but are going to the cinema with her two friends.

Shortly after, on the 6th December the whole family will be enjoying a coach trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in London. I will definitely be taking a picture of Anna with Santa in his ice palace. Such a photo will make a fantastic gift for a Christmas present on a personalised photo frame to both her grandparents and I will have two Christmas presents sorted. Or we could have a picture of us all ice skating and hopefully not falling over!

That would make another great memorable photo and with the dates and the occasion engraved in a glass Memento Frame such a gift would be on the mantelpiece for years to come.

Written by RP

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